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This is a good place to put More Convoy Pictures

On the Road Again.Did you ever have a Jeep In Your Way?

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Building Roads In Vietnam

Popa Song and his three Youngins.
Another Popa Song and His Ox Cart.
Our Trucks Lined up waiting to be unloaded.
On the Road, all these pictures are a little out of order.
Who Said we did not have any friends in Vietnam, See the guy Waving at me...
Or is he directing traffic ??
It look alike a base camp, anyone remember which one??
The Base Camp was near this Bridge over a river, anyone know where??
We were still waiting to be unloaded...
You know we waited almost 4 hours to be unloaded.
We started thinking that everyone forgot we were even out there....
My Sides got alittle old after 30 years, see the brown stain.
It's amazing what you can do while waiting to be unloaded.
Ahhh yea, still waiting to be unloaded, and cooling off at the same time.
Here, Let me Help you out of the Water My dear...