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Long Bien, Picture of the 86th Trans. Company Area
These are some pictures I took on my second time, Nov. or Dec. 1970 - Aug. 1971 Til ETS, the tour lasted 7 1/2 months in Vietnam, Long Bien with the 86th Transportation Company. We use to have the USARV Patch.
The First Tour I was in Tay Ninh Aug. 1968 - Aug. 1969, and had a 44th Medical Brigade Patch on with
the 45th Surgical Hospital in Tay Ninh.

A member Relieving himself.

A place to Relieve yourself.

My Parrette.

My Bird on His Swing.

Me Sitting & Drinking A Beer.

Another Member Standing & Drinking A Beer.

Over Looking Long Bien

Another Member Standing & Drinking A Beer.

The Bunkers in between the Hooches.

The 86th Trans.Co. Area

More Members in the 86th Trans.Co.Area

The Guard Tower Next to The 86th Trans.Co.Area

The 86th Trans.Co.Area is on the Corner of Long Bien Base Camp.

The Road Next to Our Hooches.

Perimeter Road. Beyond the Barbed Wire Road to Bear Cat and Coegiedo Loading Docks.

Looking Toward Saigon from the Corner of Long Bien Base Camp.

Looking a little more toward Coegiedo Loading Docks.

Looking North of the 86th Trans.Co.Area perimeter road.

Looking West of the 86th Trans.Co. Area.

The Armory & Dog Scratching.

More Armory & Dog.

Just Dog.

Picture taking....

More Picture taking...

I'll never be in shape like that again.

Our Company Clerk

Over at Ben Hoa (Hua) Air Base.

Watching a Cobra AH-1 Helicopter at Ben Hoa (Hua)

Watching the same Cobra

He came right at me and flew over the truck.